“Infinite Surrender” by P.C.Turczyn. Sold as museum quality prints in three sizes.

Gaze with a soft focus at the center of the flower.

Place your hands either on your heart or comfortably below your collar bones, allowing the heart center to be very open.

Breath in through the heart and out through the heart.

Chant the vowel sound “aaaaaaaah.”  As you exhale and create the sound, notice how the vibration feels all around your heart center. Send the vibration into any tight or dense areas.

As you inhale, notice the after effect of the sound vibration.

Repeat three times.

Repeat another three times, but in silence. As you exhale, feel the inaudible sound vibrating in your heart center and as you inhale, feel the after effect.

What is God?

A Love Supreme.

What is the opposite of Love?


What keeps us separate from God?

Our Ego, our fearful sense of Self.

The spiritual path is a process of eternal blossoming, as we cautiously, reluctantly (at first), tenderly, freely (with practice) but always diligently surrender our fears and concerns to the Love Supreme. We learn ever more deeply to trust in God/Love.

Continue to gaze at the center of the flower.

Recall things about your life that you love: a special relationship, place or experience, anything that instills a feeling of Love.

Expand on that feeling and add in Gratitude.

Fill your heart with the vibrations of Love and Gratitude.

Now, consider a problem you are currently concerned with.

With Love and Gratitude in your heart, say, “I surrender the parts of myself that created the problem I currently have.”

Listen now and, later, stay open to the possibility of insight or a new perspective on your situation.

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