Why do the Infinite Qualities prints cost more than some other “archival giclees?”

* It begins with the two or more months that go into creating the original gouache on watercolor paper painting, and the decades of experience that make that time period so potent.  I have been painting in gouache almost daily since 1976! 


In order to do paintings that both contain and convey the vibration of the various Infinite Qualities, I immerse myself in a process of vibrational embodiment.  For more information about my transformational studio practice, including sound, movement meditation and writing as well as painting, click here.


* Next, comes scanning.  Not satisfied with even the best professional photography, I have each original scanned for maximum detail and color accuracy at either Laumont Studio, NY, NY or at Highland Studio, Cold Spring, NY.  There, highly experienced technicians discuss my goals and how I experience the image so they know how to properly set the lighting and other parameters.


* I have selected archival papers that most closely match the watercolor paper I used for the originals: either Hahnemuhle  Photorag, Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 grams, Hahnemuhle William Turner or Somerset Velvet Enhanced.


* The pigments used are, also, archival, meaning they will stay true to color for a minimum of 100 years.  Lisa Diebboll says, “We are using really high quality ink and paper.  The inkset is the K3 Ultrachrome which has been tested extensively with the Hahnemuhle Photorag used for your prints.  The ink/paper combo is rated to last over 200 years without any noticeable change in an album or dark storage/over 115 years with UV glass.  There isn’t a print technology out there, new or antique, that has been tested as much or is as stable (except silver print photography.)”


* In the digital world, color is affected by a multitude of variables and only the eye of an experienced master printer can insure that the final print will match the intentions of the artist. In my artwork colors are carefully calibrated and my 30 years designing and coloring printed textiles for home furnishings makes me the ultimate fussy client.   At the Highland Studio, Joe & Lisa Diebboll combine an artist’s eye with 29 years experience in printmaking.


* Finished prints are often embellished with the hand application of copper, aluminum or composition gold leaf, gouache and a Swarovski crystal. Here are some close-up photos showing how changeable the metallic accents appear depending on lighting conditions:

"Infinite Health." At this angle, the metallic accents are half-visible.

“Infinite Health.” At this angle, the metallic accents are half-visible.

"Infinite Health." From this angle, the gold accents are clearly visible.

“Infinite Health.” From this angle, the gold accents are clearly visible.

"Infinite Creativity." Gold accents are painted on with a brush.

“Infinite Creativity.” Gold accents are painted on with a brush.


“Infinite Vitality” with hand-applied composition gold leaf.

vitality detail

“Infinite Vitality” with hand-applied composition gold leaf, detail.


* All prints are signed, numbered and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.  Collectors have a record of where the print was made, the type of paper, the name of the master printer and many other details.  Both the certificate and the back of the print are stamped with the Infinite Qualities logo.


* Each print comes with a guided meditation designed to support embodiment of the specific Infinite Quality it depicts. 


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