Image1-Pam Intro

Pamela Turczyn stands before a cherry tree at Brooklyn Botanic Garden and sees more than meets the eye. Foto: Tony Oudaimy. Painting: P.C.Turczyn


My friend, Pamela Turczyn talks with trees. And they talk back. Yes, they do! I knew her art was extraordinary, which is why I invited her to allow me to include her work in my book, Mandala: Patterns of the Universe. But there is far more to this gifted woman than being proficient at creating exquisite, meaningful art. She’s a bona fide, tree-talkin’ woman and I recently had the pleasure of digging into her roots to find out more about her relationship with trees, her love of sacred geometry and personal approach to creating art.


Nature appears to be a great inspiration for your work, but is there something special about trees in particular that attracts your attention?


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