As 2012 draws to a close, I believe most of us will agree that it has been a very intense year, with many opportunities for change, even transformation.  The feeling of a pressurized atmosphere is now in crescendo, with the climax scheduled for the Winter Solstice: 21st December at 6:11A.M., EST.  The Mayan elders tell us that this period, between the 20th and 22nd of December, is unusually potent for the downloading of insights, visions and guidance.

How shall we prepare ourselves for this latest blessing?  I am preparing the way I do annually during the dark days of winter, the season when the mythical Persephone descends into the Underworld.

Persephone’s journey from innocence through hardship to empowerment is one that can inspire us all to become conscious rulers of our own realities.  A visit to “the abyss” can yield gifts of insight, healing, compassion and renewed life.  Let us review her story:


"The Kore."  Gouache on paper.  14"H x 11"W.

“The Kore.” Gouache on paper. 14″H x 11″W.

As the maiden, or “Kore,” she is just a seed.  Her omnipresent, overbearing mother is the goddess of grain, while her underworldly uncle lurks nearby.


"The Abduction."  Gouache on paper.  14"H x 11"W.

“The Abduction.” Gouache on paper. 14″H x 11″W.

While walking in the sunshine one day, the ground under her opens up and she is pulled into the abyss.  There, in her uncle’s domain, she must face all her fears on her own.


"Anger, Power, Intuition."  Gouache on paper.  14"H x 11"W.

“Anger, Power, Intuition.” Gouache on paper. 14″H x 11″W.

A visualization of Persephone’s energy field as she eventually gets in touch with her anger, the source of her power and intuition.


"Queen Persephone."  Mixed media on paper.  14"H x 11"W.

“Queen Persephone.” Mixed media on paper. 14″H x 11″W.

The name Persephone is sometimes translated as “she who is to be feared.”  I submit that the more empowering interpretation is “she who has conquered fear!”  In doing so, Persephone becomes the full partner to her King/Uncle.  Having had her old, logical reality shattered, and having drunk at the well of cthonic wisdom, she views the world anew.  She sees not only the physical side of things, but their deeper meaning and the interconnecting web of life.

How may we follow Persephone’s example?  Whether or not life has pulled you into the abyss at this moment, take time for journaling, meditation, prayer and ritual.  Give yourself time to be still and listen to the messages coming in during this potent time.  Envision an ideal future for yourself, the rest of humanity and our beautiful planet.  Imbue your vision with your emotions, your love.  Plant the seeds that will bear fruit during the coming seasons of light.  Amen.  Baraka.  Jai Ma.





  1. kristen eades says:

    Your blog is somehow gently comforting and entertaining. Thanks. I do support art as a healing vehicle…Happy New Year to you Pam…

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