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Breath Awareness Practice by Gaye Abbott, RYT

Infinite Inspiration. "Infinite Inspiration." Original is a 24" x 24" gouache painting. Sold as museum quality prints in three sizes.

“Infinite Inspiration.” Original is a 24″ x 24″ gouache painting. Sold as museum quality prints in three sizes.

Inspiration comes when we allow ourselves to dive deeply into our longing to experience the true and full expression of why we are here. The heart and mind of all that is – “God” – creates a state of “being breathed” into, inspiration nested within Cosmic Unity.

What seems common place to us – our breathing in and out – is in fact the most mystical and at the same time natural of energetic processes.

There is a choice within every inhale. Hesitate in the half hearted shallow breath of fear and contraction. Or fully inhabit the spaciousness of life where potential blossoms abundantly like the new growth of Spring.

When did we stop feeling the joy of simply being alive? Lay down your burdens for even one moment and deeply feel the longing that brought you here into this life.  Inhale into the mystery of why you are here and be willing to celebrate the emerging flow.

The greater part of us is water. At the level of a drop of water, as the molecules and atoms dance, there is an exquisite vibrational art piece being created which is constantly changing – a pattern of sacred geometry into which we live and breathe.

Within this union the breathing universe is simultaneously evolving in a preferred pattern towards wholeness, orderliness within the constant shifting change, creativity, consciousness – evolving love.

Our fundamental nature is to evolve, receiving the inspiration to open to the miracle that we are. It is from this place that we become what we seek and awaken possibility in others.

Inspiration travels pathways into the unknown and limitless territories of the heart, communing with the creative impulse that vibrates with the expectation of being manifested into the outside world.

Release attachment to how you think things should be. Take this moment to consciously breathe and surrender. Pouring the breath from the bowl of your belly and pelvis into the front, back and sides of the ribcage, expanding into the chest and inhabiting the back body. Notice as shoulders and neck relax and a soft smile parts your lips just a little.

Inspiration expresses our ability and openness to receive. Remaining an open vessel for the sustenance and Spirit of life.

Breathe fully, live fully. Open your heart to yourself. In this moment breathe through your heart. Soften the belly, allowing the guarding and protection to melt away. Just for this moment…and the next…and the next.

Waking up to the immense interconnectedness of all living things we breathe in the stars and galaxies, dolphins leaping, tight buds opening, water droplets reflecting light on blades of grass, a lion’s roar, spiders spinning, a spreading oak…and all the souls that have gone before, present now, and are to come.

Belly of Infinite Source – soft and pliant, rounded and fertile – ripe with possibility within each inspiration. The creative impulse lives here in the depths of the expanding lung, descending diaphragm, and pulsing heart – fingers of breath infiltrating infinite passages within the expanded field where every great dream has been born.

Beyond the place of fear, suffering, will and “not enoughness” there is a place of Infinite Inspiration. This place in you resonates within that first inhale that was ignited by the Source of all life – the inspiration that brought you from a liquid world safe in the womb into one of lightness of air to explore and the dance of creative impulse.

Out of the darkness and stillness of the pause a mysterious and elegant act within us signals for the very first inhale…or the next one…to begin. We are instantly expanded into more spaciousness without even giving the command. Being breathed informing us that we are enough.

Our greatest wealth resides in the miracle of inspiration and the Source that it arises from – receiving to nourish and sustain. Accepting and waking up to who we are. That leap of faith taken in the very first breath. Following our own inspirations.

Accept the next inhale as a lover for whom you will do anything to engage with wholeness and intimacy. The ability to fully inhale – to receive the love, nourishment, connection, support, belonging and understanding that we inherently crave. Being open to “receive in” before we “give out”.

In this moment we are given an opportunity – a choice if you will – to step out of the darkness and mistaken perception of smallness to the engaged light of our brilliance. I am enough.

With a full embodied and uninhibited breath choices become a source of adventure.

Simply being removes the obstacles to simply breathing. As humanity yields to the wisdom of nature, the heart and the senses – the breath deepens and expands.

As we fully breathe and energetically inhabit our bodies the act of collaborative living and loving comes as a natural flow, allowing life to return to an integrated resonance.

Be present to life breathing around you, mindful of the artful ways that breath pulses among the minutest of cells and atoms woven amidst the field of being that captures each one of us within the next inhale.

All breathing for and with each other. An exchange of intimacy that connects us in levels so deep that even the whale in the ocean depths senses into the next breath that you will take.

Be still for just a moment and listen to the symphony of breath that fills every moment with the exquisite pleasure of being Alive Now. Life is breathing through you. Listen…listen.

Breathe in from the Earth and root yourself into your ground of being.

Unclench your face and hands, soften belly and behind the eyes, relax the mind, drop shoulders down towards the Earth.

Be an open channel for your life to emerge and breathe through.

Surrender into the deepest knowing and most expansive breath that is possible for you in this moment and remember, as you exhale and come to that still pause at the end…right before the next inspiration…who and what you are sharing this breath with. We infinitely in-spire each other…Universal Evolving Humans.

Inhale – ALIVE

Exhale – NOW

Inhale – I AM

Exhale – ENOUGH

Inhale – BEING



Exhale – LOVE

Gaye Abott, RYT has been offering workshops, classes, retreats, speaking engagements, and private consulting globally for over 30 years as a registered yoga therapist/teacher, health educator, breath guide, evolutionary energy and life movement practitioner, and hug therapist. She is a published author with her most recent book, “Give Us This Day Our Daily Breath“, released in January, 2012 and is a Generation One member with Barbara Marx Hubbard and the emerging evolutionary community. You can find out more about Gaye at: http://www.GayeAbbott.com


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