“Embraced by the Light”

"Infinite Vitality" available as archival digital prints.

“Infinite Vitality” available as archival digital prints.


In her classic book, Betty J. Eadie describes visiting a garden during her Near Death Experience:

“The flowers, for example, are so vivid and luminescent with color that they don’t seem to be solid. Because of each plant’s intense aura of light, it is difficult to define where the plant’s surface starts and stops. It is obvious that each part of the plant, each microscopic part, is made up of its own intelligence. This is the best word I can use to define it. Every minute part is filled with its own life and can be reorganized with other elements to create anything in existence. The same element that now resides in a flower may later be part of something else – and just as alive. It doesn’t have a spirit as we do, but it has intelligence and organization and can react to the will of God and other universal laws. All of this is evident as you see creation there, and particularly evident in the flowers.”

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