David Foster Wins the Art That Supports the Healing Process Award


“Damselfly Mates” (c) David Foster 2013


I am delighted to announce my selection for the winner of the Art That Supports the Healing Process Award, nature photographer David Foster.

In a previous post, I mentioned I would be looking for “beauty, communication, presence, skill, originality and a full body experience of healing. Through the use of image, color, rhythm, proportion, composition, or by other means, the artwork clearly conveys a high vibration to the viewer.” David Foster’s work hits all of these marks and especially excels in conveying a sense of Presence.

In the near future, I will be publishing an interview with him on the subject of art and healing. Until then, please visit David Foster’s website and drink in the beauty: www.davidfosterimages.net



“Giant Lilypad in the Rain” (c) David Foster 2010

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