BY LORI BAILEY CUNNINGHAM My friend, Pamela Turczyn talks with trees. And they talk back. Yes, they do! I knew her art was extraordinary, which is why I invited her to allow me to include her work in my book, Mandala: Patterns of the Universe. But there is far more to this gifted woman than … Continue reading

EXHIBITION REVIEW: Out of the Ethers

MADELAINE SHELLABY Yes! You can experience healing when you stand in front of a work of art. Stand in front of one of the paintings by P.C.Turczyn on exhibit recently at the New York Open Center. Look into her botanical mandalas and become aware of a renewed sense of balance and harmony. Colorful, active, radiant, … Continue reading


This artwork is a set of three little paintings, in gouache on watercolor paper, that I did for a client who wished to resolve the polarity of sensing her own power versus being in a state of fear, feeling a lack of power.  We worked with Anna Halprin’s exercise of dancing each of a pair … Continue reading


My art practice explores how visual artwork can be of benefit during the process of personal healing and transformation by functioning as a map leading to a desired goal.  I sometimes partner with individuals who want to introduce change into their lives but who feel stuck.  After they state their intention, I spend some time … Continue reading