“Infinite Creativity” by P.C. Turczyn, available as museum quality, limited edition prints. See the Gallery page for further information.

At this time of year, nature is at its peak of creativity and abundance.  On my walks over the past few days, I have encountered a deer with two fawns, a black bear, wild turkeys, talking crows, a Great Blue Heron and dozens of species of wildflowers in brilliant hues.  The trees are more awake and communicative than ever.

We humans are part of nature, too.  Do you feel a surge of creative exuberance in your blood these days?  How will you direct it?  What is your Passion?  What is your Purpose?  How will you utilize your innate Power?

Try this, while gazing at the sunflower mandala of Infinite Creativity:

Breath in through your heart and out through your heart.

Try chanting the vowel sound, “Aaaaaaaaaah…” and feel how it vibrates all around your heart center.  If there are any tight or rigid areas, send the sound into those spots.  Do this three times, at least.

Then, notice the after effects while continuing to breath through your heart.

What in life gives you joy?

Where would you like to see change?

How do you envision that change?

How can you help create what you envision?

How would it benefit the greatest number of people?

Breath deeply in and out through the heart.

How does this feel in your body, your breath, your heart?

Does it feel exciting and, somehow, familiar?

Dear Divine Imagination, we enlist your support and guidance.  May this or something better manifest  for the highest and best good.  Thank-you!

Remain open to guidance in the coming days; insights, dreams, hunches and coincidences are all messages of encouragement for your highest intentions.  Act on them and more will follow.


  1. sfmosaic says:

    sunny Flower Power, thank you Pam!

  2. sfmosaic says:

    Reblogged this on Lillian Sizemore's Mind's Eye and commented:
    Making Things Real – tap the solar energy of the summer solstice. From colleague and friend PC Turczyn. Enjoy!

  3. atsthp says:

    thanks, lillian, everyone: check out lillian’s blog for fascinating articles on mosaics, sacred geometry and mandalas. have i left anything out? plus she posts beautiful photographs!

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