“Yantra of the Divine Feminine” by P.C.Turczyn. Gouache on Japanese metallic paper. 18″ x 18″.

Here on Planet Earth, we will be experiencing a very rare astrological event on June 5th, 2012: a Venus transit of the Sun.  With eye-protective gear, one would be able to see Venus as a small, black dot crossing the disc of the Sun, much like an eclipse.  An archetype of the Divine Feminine, Venus represents love, beauty and relationship while the Sun is a masculine archetype, representing life force and purpose.  Metaphorically speaking, the Divine Masculine has eclipsed the Divine Feminine for quite a long time but will now be putting Her in the spotlight.  This is a wonderful time to balance and harmonize your own inner Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.


Adapted from William Allen Rosek’s Harmonization

Divine Feminine qualities, including Unconditional Love, Nurturing and Compassion, are passive in nature.  The peace found in passivity, the stilling of the Ego, allows the heart to open and receive guidance from the Higher Self and Beings of Light.  Intuition is so important!  Integrating Divine Feminine qualities creates a deep, inner feeling of being healed, whole and complete, and the joy of being able to love unconditionally.

Divine Masculine qualities, including Inner Confidence, Inner Courage and the Inner Willingness to quietly shine your divine light, are active in nature.  They put guidance into action in the world.

Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine is essential for ascension.  Try this:

Gaze with a soft focus at the center of the mandala.  Try slightly narrowing or opening your focus.

Place your hands either on your heart or comfortably below your collarbone, allowing the heart center to be very open.

Breathe in through the heart and out through the heart.

Chant the vowel sound, ‘aaaaaaaaaaah.’  As you exhale and create the sound, notice how the vibration feels all around your heart center.  Send the vibration into any tight or dense areas.

As you inhale, notice the after effect of sound vibration.

Repeat three times.

Repeat another three times, but in silence.  As you exhale, feel the inaudible sound vibrating in your heart center and as you inhale, feel the after effect.

Continue to breath in and out through the heart center.

Conjure the things in your life that you love.  Conjure experiences you have had that bring up the feeling of love.  Expand on that feeling.

Feel the love.

Feel the gratitude.

See it as a light emanating from your heart.

See the light expanding, filling your body.

The light fills your every cell and the spaces between the cells.

The light emanating from your heart fills your aura, the planet, the universe.

You are a radiant being of light.

Love and gratitude.

Keep an awareness of your heart as the source of this light that fills the universe, and breathe:

On the inhale, receive these qualities of the Divine Feminine and

On the exhale, share them:

Infinite Kindness

Infinite Gentleness

Infinite Tenderness

Infinite Helpfulness

Infinite Nurturing

Infinite Compassion

Infinite Understanding

Infinite Receptivity

Infinite Harmony

Infinite Knowing

Infinite Healing

Unconditional Love: the greatest of God’s divine, cosmic powers, Unconditional Love is powerfully magnetic.  It can heal, harmonize and create miracles.

Unconditional Love.

You are now shifted into 5th dimensional Divine Consciousness.  It is the divine mind of your soul and God-Within that has access to all higher information.

Now you can send your consciousness anywhere.

Unconditional Love.

Listen now to your guidance.

(Pause to give time for personal exploration and listening.)

Now, on the inhale, receive these qualities of the Divine Masculine and

On the exhale, share them:

Inner Confidence

Inner Courage

Inner Strength

Inner Willingness to quietly shine your Divine Light

The ability to put guidance into action in your life.

(Pause for personal reflection and listening.)

Make an intention to remember the divine feelings of your soul pre-incarnation.

Make an intention to reintegrate the divine feeling into your daily life.

Now, take a deep, cleansing breath in and let it out with an audible sigh.

Come back into your body, into this time and space.

  1. Ajeet says:

    Thanks so much Pamela, I will transit Venus tomorrow evening.

  2. Melanie says:

    Thank you Pamela. I will be integrating the qualities of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine using Dee PEAT 4 this week during the transit, Deep PEAT 4 is a fairly astonishing tool for integration.

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