The Prayer Tree

The Prayer Tree

This post is dedicated to Elisa Novick, who taught me that trees are individuals, each with unique personalities and gifts.

A few months ago, I noticed a tree with the ability to support humans in creating coherent brain patterns. This is very useful for holding a vision or for prayer. I paid many visits to the tree as my vision for the future gained clarity. Being in the presence of the prayer tree seemed to bolster my ability to envision where I would like to live and what I hope to be doing during my remaining years. Then, this conversation ensued:

prayer tree2

The Prayer Tree (2)

P.C.Turczyn: Do you have something to teach me about prayer?

Prayer Tree: Yes.

P.C.Turczyn: Can you break it down for me into a checklist?

Prayer Tree: Yes.



~A picture or action word or color feeling that represents your goal.

~Vibration. The vibratory signature of your goal.

Mix them all together at once and hold that note for as long as you can.

P.C.Turczyn: What about aligning oneself with Universal Evolution?

Prayer Tree: That goes without saying. Otherwise, you are pitting your free will against God’s Will/Universal Will and that never goes well.

P.C.Turczyn: Do you have any other general tips like that?

Prayer Tree: Pay close attention to the details.

P.C.Turczyn: What nature of details?

Prayer Tree: How you feel, how your heart quickens or expands during prayer, or when thinking of your goal. Remember, the heart has a powerful electromagnetic field. Use your heart as your main tool of perception and reception.

And, consider how you can give back.

P.C.Turczyn: Is there anything else you would like to tell me on this subject today?

Prayer Tree: You have many blessings. Be aware of them and grateful. Receive in gratitude. Gratitude is a similar vibration to Love. Love your life.

And teach. You don’t go through these experiences for yourself alone.

Good Night and God Bless.


prayer tree3

The Prayer Tree (3)

I have been practicing this protocol for about a month now. I notice that the vibration of Hope activates the upper body (from the heart center on up) while Conviction activates the lower body, grounding the prayer in concrete reality. Including the heart magnifies the reach of the prayer field.

Lately, I’ve been adding in movement or dance! My mandala of Infinite Hope (see gallery page) was sound activated by Deepak Ram’s composition “Night in Lenasia,” so it was natural to use that for the prayer protocol. While dancing hope, I hear the flute playing my upper body and, when I add in Conviction, the deeper tones of percussion come forward to inspire my pelvis, legs and feet. It’s a full body experience of danced prayer: Hope, Conviction, a visual image, the vibratory signature of my goal empowered by the heart.

All in all, life is feeling pretty exciting these days!

If you try the protocol, let me know how it goes for you.


3 Responses to “THE PRAYER TREE”
  1. Karali says:

    Thank you for this – I feel the tree’s energy very strongly just from looking at the photos!

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for your beautiful article. Means a lot to me today. 🙏

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