“Infinite Patience,” available as signed, limited edition prints in three sizes. See Gallery page for information.


A maple tree with a special gift for it advised me that Patience has to do with one’s relationship with time; to cultivate Patience, one must be fully present in the moment. To do so, try silencing the inner monologue by first shifting to an attitude of open attention, as though you were listening for something unfamiliar.

~Practice Patience by visually tracking the curvy edges of tree rings in this mandala. You could do this using just your eyes, or you use could a capped pen or blunt pencil as a tool to trace along the edges.

Without rushing, follow every dip and projection all the way around one of the circular rings. Keep your focus on the exact point on the ring where you are at, without looking behind or projecting forward. Slow down if ou find yourself jumping ahead. There is no reward for finishing quickly but there is a prize for bringing yourself present.

In the present moment, there is no past or future. Instead, there is an expansive sense of the eternal, a space where Infinite Patience resides.

~An alternate route to the same expansive destination involves gazing at the center of the mandala with soft eyes. Stay with it and you will notice movement as various tree rings appear to come forward while others recede. As you are held by fascination with what is happening, a portal in the center of the mandala will open, bringing you in contact with the old maple tree and the vibration of Infinite Patience.

Sound Activation: ambient forest sounds

A shorter version of this article first appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of NY Spirit.

3 Responses to “INFINITE PATIENCE”
  1. sfmosaic says:

    OH! Pam this is amazing and so beautiful. It took me a round to even note the tiny red dot markers – isnt that funny how our perception plays so many tricks with what is right under our nose? what we see, and don’t see, selectively. eye witness, without full perception? infinite patience indeed.

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