My art practice explores how visual artwork can be of benefit during the process of personal healing and transformation by functioning as a map leading to a desired goal.  I sometimes partner with individuals who want to introduce change into their lives but who feel stuck.  After they state their intention, I spend some time gestating ideas through meditation and contemplation.  The resulting painting diagrams how energy will be moving once  their intention is realized.  It is activated during an in-person session involving exercises guiding the individual to find their own path of transformation.  I strongly recommend continuing to work with the painting for as far into the future as desired, either re-enacting the format of our initial session or adapting to suit changing needs. 


With “Re-Attuning to Life, ” I was the individual in need of change; I had painful inflammation in a few toe joints, limiting mobility.  A medical intuitive saw an image of my foot giving off smoke (“releasing poison”).  I realized the “poison” was actually a limiting belief that was crippling me.  I began my practice sessions with a Continuum dive by focusing jocks and theta breaths into my toes.  I enjoyed the return of movement and nuanced sensation to the afflicted area.  By continuing to work with the breath, I would then re-attune with life, joy, possibility, enthusiasm, passion, love, prosperity and compassion.  On the inhalation, I received each quality and on the exhalation, I shared it.  I saw/felt these qualities as a vibration depicted in the painting as concentric circles of yellow, orange and red.  After spending a few months doing interactive sessions with the painting, today, my foot is healed.

“Re-attuning with Life” (11.5″ x 11.5″, gouache on paper)  This piece was awarded First Place in “Waves of Change: a Juried Exhibition of Brooklyn Artists” and an Honorable Mention in “Celebrate the Healing Power of Art 2008.”  Visit for further information.

2 Responses to “RE-ATTUNING WITH LIFE”
  1. I’m commenting as a mentally ill adult in recovery.Your words struck a deep chord with me,as here at Arundel Lodge the art programs as well as other programs available to me have played a strong role in my recovery. I have just begun my own business,and thinking of where I have come from,I feel very grateful.Keep up your good work.

    • atsthp says:

      thank-you for your comment and kudos for the deep work you are doing on yourself. i believe there is nothing more healing than the creative process. that said, i am exploring how existing images might have a healing effect on receptive viewers. right now, a music therapist has posted some of my mandalas on the walls of a psychiatric hospital. the patients suffer from schizophrenia and depression. when she reports back, i will post the results.

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