Since this is the first post many of you will be reading, I wanted to take the opportunity to give voice to my hopes by offering up a prayer.  Plus, this is a chance for you to add your own energy into the mix.  As I used to hear our priest say while I was growing up, “Now, let us join together in prayer…”


But wait, a little history first!  No doubt, you’ve heard people warn, “Be careful what you pray for, because it just might happen!”  Back in the mid-1990’s, I had just travelled through a rough patch on the spiritual journey and gratefully turned to the gentle practices in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way.  That’s when I started writing, including this Artist’s Prayer, adapted from one by Michael Alatriste:


         O, Creator God,

         I offer myself to You

         As a channel for your creativity

         That my talents, abilities and skills

         Be put to use

         In alignment with the evolution of myself,

         My circle of influence

         And the universe

         Which is You


         Hear my desire

         And guide me

         In the fulfillment of my goal and destiny

         Which is You.


It took a few years before I could say it out loud, even while standing alone in my studio, without tearing up and losing my voice.  Eventually, you could say it became part of my DNA, a frequency I was broadcasting out to the world, setting unknown forces into motion. 


Later, the same sentiments were distilled into my mission statement:


My studio practice serves Universal Evolution through the exploration of how visual art can support the healing process, serve as a focal point for manifesting our highest goals and as a link to oneness consciousness.  In so doing, I create prosperity.  All of this I teach to the artists who will come after me, creating a respected vocation characterized by self-determination.


Pretty lofty goals!  True, but orienting my efforts in this direction enlivens me.  I feel in the flow of guidance and synchronicity.  So! Much! Fun!


And now, let us join together in prayer:


O, Divine Imagination,

          Angels, Ancestors and Ascended Masters,

I’m not sure you exist but

I know you’ve been helping me out a lot lately.


Thank-you for your eternal guidance and healing.


May I become ever more aware of your guidance;

May I have the courage to follow it.

Grant me the strength

In body, mind and spirit

To fulfill my mission,

Benefitting as many souls as possible.


I foresee a future when artists are honored

For their contributions to society,

When the technology of how art can

Support Universal Evolution

Will be well known and

Ever expanding.


May all of this or something better manifest for the highest and best good of all beings.



5 Responses to “AN ARTIST’S PRAYER”
  1. Bonnie Klatt says:

    Emotion welled up from within and tears flowed as I read this post – especially the final prayer. Spirit has guided me to you via, The Mandala Book – Patterns of the Universe. For 6 years I have felt isolated in my beliefs and feelings, but now I feel I have found a kindred spirit in you. Thank you! You connect with trees and Sacred Geometry. I connect with flowers & crystals and the Sacred Geometry that is the base language of all the Universes. They speak to me and inform much of my work. I knew this as a little child, but it has taken many years into adulthood to recognize that this is my true calling, this is my true Self. For the past 6 years I have been shifting the focus of my work to revealing this true calling. Having personally experienced how subtle energies of geometry, emotions, ideas, ‘fruits of the Spirit’, etc. can be imprinted upon/within something created by my hands and heart so as to invoke healing in others as they touch or view the finished piece has helped me to discern this calling. To work with beings from nature and from the other side of the veil to co-create beauty, truth, and goodness for the healing of this world has brought me such great Joy! It is a wonderful and wonder-filled journey complete with surprises along the way. I am now in the process of re-inventing my art, my website, and my message to the world. I hope that someday our paths cross in person, Pamela. Would love to know if you are planning on teaching any workshops, etc.

    • atsthp says:

      Thank-you for your heartfelt comment, Bonnie! It is very encouraging to hear that my life and words have impacted someone in this profound way. That’s why we do what we do, right? Bailey Cunningham, the author of “The Mandala Book: Patterns of the Universe” is another member of our tribe and lives in Washington state. There are a handful of others that I know: Lillian Sizemore ( and Elyse Pomeranz ( Hopefully, we will all get together in a forest one day.

      • Bonnie Klatt says:

        Thank you for the links to these other wonderful kindred spirits. I feel as if I have finally found my tribe!!! Though I communicate mostly with flowers and crystals, I have had some wonderful healing conversations with trees.

      • atsthp says:

        When you converse with flowers, do you have the sense that they are A) individuals or B) sharing a group soul and mission with others of their species?

        Also, I believe you would enjoy reading the recently published interview that Bailey Cunningham did with me for NY Spirit.

      • Bonnie Klatt says:

        Both. Some speak as individuals. Some are speaking for the collective. For example, with Solomon Seal and Rose it was individual voices. Conversing with Snow Drops, on the other hand, was a collective voice. This also happens in communicating with crystals/stones. Some speak as individuals, some in a collective voice.

        I already read through that recent interview/article. It was FABULOUS! It was what prompted me to begin reading through your entire blog and make contact with you. As I read that interview and work my way through your postings, I quite often find myself thinking that I am reading about myself.

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