Infinite Hope

“Infinite Hope.” Available as museum quality prints in three sizes. See the Gallery page for details.

Six weeks have passed since my last posting.  I had thought that posting would be a monthly event, but it has organically developed into the traditional, cross-quarter interval with today being the exact mid-point of the Spring growing season.  It is a time conducive for cultivating Hope.

Daring to hope with your whole heart is the key to manifesting your highest intentions.  Try this: gaze with soft focus at the center of the mandala while breathing in and out through your heart.  What are your highest goals?  What are your hopes?  Now is your opportunity to speak them out loud.  The word/sound is another key element in the manifestation process.  While staying connected with your heart center, take time now to give voice to your hopes and dreams.

Mantra: I dare to hope.

Sound Activation: “Night in Lenasia” by Deepak Ram

This mandala is inspired by and dedicated to the people and culture of Haiti.  The image is of an abstracted passion flower, their symbol of Hope.  The dappled colors are reminiscent of Haiti’s sequin embroidered Voudou flags, or “drapo.”  My hope is that the mandala will someday be recreated as a drapo by Haitian artisans.  At center is a “veve” (Sacred Geometric figure) used to invoke the presence of Legba, the spirit who can bring you into contact with any of the other spirits.  Proceeds from sales will be donated in support of art education in Haiti.  Please visit the Gallery page for pricing details.  I can be contacted at: atsthp@gmail.com

  1. Karali Pitzele says:

    I want to give my gifts to the world as fully as possible, and to constantly discover new aspects of those gifts. I want my work to be helping others to discover their true selves, and to learn to give their gifts in the world, experiencing joy and community in the process. I want this work to be a stand of interruption to the negative forces on this planet. (I dare to hope.)

    • atsthp says:

      thank-you, karali, for daring to hope, for sharing your gifts and empowering others to find and share their’s and for being a beacon of light. and so it is!

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