THE MYSTERY SCHOOL OF ART, PART 1: Heart Chakra Mandalas

Each summer since 2006, I spend one week as Artist-in-Residence at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. “More than simply a place, Omega is a global community that awakens the best in the human spirit and cultivates the extraordinary potential that exists in us all.” The primary role of the Artist-in-Residence is … Continue reading

Summer Solstice 2013

Happy Summer Solstice 2013! It is with great wonderment and gratitude that I offer the reader Faybiene Miranda’s magnificent poetic response to the above mandala of Infinite Health. The poem and mandala appear together in the Summer issue of New York Spirit. Faybiene Miranda is a published poet, lyricist and performer, former co-host and co-producer … Continue reading


In the spirit of the season, I am offering everyone a 15% discount through the end of 2012.  Please visit the Gallery page for details on sizes and prices.


A cross-quarter holiday, Lammas marks the halfway point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox and celebrates the harvesting of first fruits.  I am celebrating by publishing this thought provoking article by Lisa Miles Jackson, R.N., CYT, CHHC, who presented my “Infinite Surrender” mandala at a recent retreat along with its accompanying guided meditation.  A survey … Continue reading


At this time of year, nature is at its peak of creativity and abundance.  On my walks over the past few days, I have encountered a deer with two fawns, a black bear, wild turkeys, talking crows, a Great Blue Heron and dozens of species of wildflowers in brilliant hues.  The trees are more awake … Continue reading


Here on Planet Earth, we will be experiencing a very rare astrological event on June 5th, 2012: a Venus transit of the Sun.  With eye-protective gear, one would be able to see Venus as a small, black dot crossing the disc of the Sun, much like an eclipse.  An archetype of the Divine Feminine, Venus … Continue reading


“Infinite Vitality,” available as limited edition, museum quality prints.  See the Gallery page for details. I have a favorite passage from “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird, regarding William A. Tiller, chief of the Materials Science Department at Stanford University: “Tiller speculated that the radiation or energy coming out of … Continue reading


"Infinite Hope"

Six weeks have passed since my last posting.  I had thought that posting would be a monthly event, but it has organically developed into the traditional, cross-quarter interval with today being the exact mid-point of the Spring growing season.  It is a time conducive for cultivating Hope. Daring to hope with your whole heart is … Continue reading

INFINITE QUALITIES: art that supports the healing process

  The Infinite Qualities series of floral mandalas came about in answer to two questions: “How can my work benefit the greatest number of people?” and “How can visual art support the healing process?”  The circular, mandalic format represents integrity, interconnection and perfection.  Each mandala convey s a quality essential to wellbeing: hope, vitality, compassion, … Continue reading